Ohkwari Corporation is a holding company of Turtle Island Corporation (TIC), formed in 2020 as a public company to trade on the Dutch Caribbean Stock Exchange (DCSX) to take advantage of the Curacao immigration program. Ohkwari Corporation NV is a holding and investment company targeting CBD Wellness projects. “Ohkwari” is a Mohawk word for a bear, a culturally significant animal with medicinal attributes. This animal was chosen as the symbol of the company to honor its Indigenous roots and to keep the care, protection, and wellness of people at the forefront of Ohkwari Corporation’s actions.

The IPO is undertaken to finance the further business development of Turtle Island Corporation (TIC). TIC is an early-stage Canadian-based and privately held company incorporated in 2018, formed to capitalize on the growing legal cannabis markets and create shared economic development for First Nations across a global network. With its flexible structure and unique market differentiating value-proposition, TIC is positioned to not only be a First Nations cannabis brand leader in Canada and the U.S., but also globally. TIC plans to be involved in legal cannabis cultivation and processing activities in the Canadian and global markets. 

Turtle Island Corporation was formed in 2018 from a longtime entrepreneurial spirit by Lance White. Inspired by his Mohawk community of Akwesasne, White possessed a vision for the expansion of economic opportunities for Indigenous people and saw the rapidly developing cannabis industry as a mechanism to realize his vision.

TIC is creating a strong brand based on core values of quality, adaptability, responsibility and stewardship. Derived from its identity as an Indigenous company, TIC believes these concepts establish its unique differentiators in the industry to create a high-quality product, experience, and impact based on these core values.

Turtle Island Corporation plans to integrate Indigenous agricultural methods to cultivate high-quality craft cannabis to create distinction in its physical product. Combined with its indigenous-based business values, TIC aims to deliver Indigenous-based solutions in a unique brand to the responsible cannabis consumer. TIC controls Turtle Island Wellness in Canada and the United States.

Tying this all together will be a business ecosystem focused on activities related to legal medicinal cannabis across Canada and internationally to introduce First Nation medicinal cannabis products to market. As a First Nations cannabis company, TIC will provide quality cannabis products to responsible Canadian and global consumers while connecting Indigenous peoples to the economic and employment opportunities of the cannabis industry.

For more information on Turtle Island Corporation, please visit www.turtleisland.com